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Library and Learning Services

DMU Alumni and former DMU staff.

Special arrangements exist for former staff and students of DMU.

Full details of services and sources of information are detailed on our alumni guide

Alumni of De Montfort University are entitled to personal Borrowing membership. To qualify, please contact the Alumni Office to obtain confirmation of your status. Bring this to the Kimberlin Library* and a library card will be made up for you.

Former DMU staff of more than 10 years service are eligible for free Borrowing membership. Contact Human Resources to obtain confirmation of your status and bring this to the Kimberlin Library* and a library card will be made up for you.

Visiting and affiliated staff may be granted Borrower status free of charge to DMU visiting academics, school mentors, Health Authority supervisors and those otherwise directly supporting or contributing to University programmes. This is subject to a letter of confirmation of status to the Library by the relevant Head of Department or Dean of Faculty.

* To obtain a library card, you must arrive in the Kimberlin library between 9:30 and 11:00 am, or between 4:00 and 7:00pm, on weekdays, during term time. At all other times, the last library card will be printed half an hour before close of the Welcome and Help Desk, as shown on our opening hours

Restrictions on use

You are advised to check site details carefully on the Library Catalogue before visiting one of our libraries in person if there is a specific item you wish to borrow or consult.

Please note that we are unable to offer external users access to electronic information, IT facilities, slide and video collections because of licensing restrictions. The inter-library loans facility is not available to external users. All users are bound by Library Regulations. Access and membership are provided at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.

Please be aware that most of our law related books and journals are housed in a separate library within a faculty building. There is no access to this law library for non-DMU library users so alumni, SCONUL users and members of the public do not have access to these resources.

Travelling to our libraries

Library Services encourages all visitors to use public transport when coming to campus. Plans of the campus and directions for visitors can be found on the university web pages.